“My experience working with Hampton Consulting has been energizing and inspiring. Chanel Hampton is an expert at what she does, extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, intuitive and charismatic. Her interpersonal skills, work ethic, and organizational skills are impeccable. She has helped me to re-envision my work goals and approach. She consults with acceptance and affirmation. It is a privilege to work alongside Chanel!”
— Carole Lapidos, MSW, Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives, University of Michigan

Hampton Consulting offers our clients best-in-class consultation and execution services, with expertise in the following areas (including a non-exhaustive sample of services Hampton Consulting offers):

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Evaluation and Responsive Plan 
    • Diversity Dialogue Series 
    • Programming Design 
    • Staff Diversity Training
  • Education (PreK-12 and Higher Education)
    • Parent/Family Workshop
    • Professional Development for Teaching Staff 
    • Student Seminar
    • Student Workshop 
    • Teaching Staff Coaching (1:1, Small Group)
  • Leadership Development and Performance Management
    • Coaching (1:1, Small Group) 
    • Leadership Assessment of Structure, Outputs, and Responsive Plan 
    • Leadership Development Seminar/Workshop
    • Performance Management Assessment of Structure, Outputs, and Responsive Plan
    • Performance Management Seminar/Workshop
  • Operations Optimization
    • Coaching (1:1) 
    • Operations Assessment of Structures, Systems, and Processes, Outputs, and Responsive Plan 
    • Operations Optimization Seminar/Workshop
  • Recruitment (with additional expertise in Diversity Recruitment)
    • Diversity Recruitment Assessment, Analysis, and Responsive Plan
    • Large-scale Recruitment Event Consultancy and/or Organizing and Planning Support
    • Overall Recruitment Assessment, Analysis, and Responsive Plan 


Whether supplemental consultation and assessment, benchmark evaluation and revision, or a comprehensive restructure recommendation, Hampton Consulting provides robust, thorough, and detailed consulting services. 


Hampton Consulting also provides execution services as it relates to our expertise areas, leading and executing to cater to our client's needs, ranging from isolated needs of an institution to consistent and recurring services (interrelated and remote). 


If Hampton Consulting aligns with the vision, mission, and direction of your institution, we would love to meet with you to discuss how we can partner to positively impact the short- and long-term potential, productivity, and culture of you as a client, as well as the clientele you serve. 

We offer an initial two-hour consultation to all potential clients at no cost. This consultation will allow us to: 

  • Build rapport and a shared language/understanding of you, as a client, and Hampton Consulting
  • Be explicit about who (you, as a client, or a specific audience) we are serving/catering to as we consult/execute 
  • Get a very clear and specific consultation service focus 
  • Hone-in on the scope and sequence/linear timeline of your needs (from a deliverable stancepoint, as well as execution stancepoint) 
  • Set measures of success which would allow us to know if we have met/exceeded what you, as a client, want and need 
  • Discuss your financial investment in consultancy services 
  • Be transparent, clear, and confident in our potential partnership 

As a result of a two-hour consultation, our clients will receive a consultation service proposal and quote within 24 hours, following our two-hour consultation. 

You can contact Hampton Consulting by accessing the "Contact Us" link at the top right of our navigation toolbar.